Window Glass Replacement

Why Would You Need Window Glass Replacement?

There comes a time in everybody’s life when you’ll need to replace the glass in your window. Maybe the glass is worn. Maybe the neighbor’s kid hit a baseball through your window. Whatever the occasion, you may need to replace a window or an entire pane.

Here are some situations where you’ll only need a window glass replacement instead of retiring the entire window itself:

  • When it would cost more work and money to replace the entire window.
  • When the window is damaged or broken, but the frame isn’t damaged.
  • When the window pane is cracked or twisted.

When Is It Time To Replace A Window?

Determining whether you’ll need a full window replacement comes down to:

  • Checking whether the caulking is broken or damaged.
  • Looking for discolored or decayed wood.
  • Inspecting the frame for any imperfections or curvatures.
  • Feeling for drafts around the frame, indicating an improper seal.

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