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Tips For Holiday Window Decorating

With the holidays well underway, you’re probably dreaming of ways to decorate your home and get in the spirit. And one of the most beautiful and memorable ways to accomplish this is with window decorating. Making your windows festive provides a way to enjoy decorations indoors and give your neighbors something jolly to look at.

Looking to liven up your windows for the holidays? Check out four tips below on how to get your windows in the holiday spirit.  

Decorate With Ornaments

While you may initially think of that tree you’ve hopefully already taken down, when it comes to ornaments, you can use them for windows, too! To adorn your windows with ornaments, use removable hooks and hang them up. Glass and sparkly ornaments are perfect for catching the light, or you can make your own with wreaths and pinecones.

Use Decals and Paints

If you don’t want to go to too much trouble to decorate windows, decals and paints are a great way to go. Decals are easy to apply and can be reused, and holiday paint is simple to wash off after the holidays. You can even buy special fake snow to decorate your windows and give them a frosty look.

Light Them Up

A beautiful and classic way to decorate your windows for the holidays is candles and lights. Candles in the window have historic meaning and were used to guide people to homes and to announce good news. Electric candles are a safe way to add holiday flair, and putting a menorah in the window is also beautiful.

Update Your Windows

In addition to the overall festivities, this time of year also means temperatures drop. Installing new windows will not only elevate your decorating, but it’ll also keep the cold out.

Contact us at Daytona Window today to get ahead on window replacements so your holiday season is merry, warm, and bright!

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