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What are the 5 Essential Window Cleaning Tips?

We at Daytona are all about Windows. That is why we have come out today with a special list compiled of all of our  pro window cleaning tips on how to keep the cleanest windows. Enjoy!

What are the 5 Essential Window Cleaning Tips?

  • Vinegar Cleans


  • Clean Screens Need a hose


  • Clean those curtains


  • Use a Squeegee


  • Newspapers give more than news

Top FAQs About Window Replacement

Vinegar Cleans

Vinegar is a pet and kid friendly approach to cleaning your windows. And while it may be to some surprise that we have chosen vinegar, it works! Vinegar is praised as one of the best household cleaners. This is probably the best window cleaning tip.

Why is Vinegar so great?

  • It is non-toxic


  • Its acidity cuts through most grime and mineral deposits


  • Its cheap

The main allure of vinegar is its non-toxicity, making it safe for home without the chemical smell. The acidity is great for relieving both sides of the window without damaging its contents. Vinegar is also great for wooden frames!

Clean screens Need a hose

We have all seen the horrible atrocities that can accumulate inside a screen, especially in the corners. Use a hose to get rid of all of that dirt and grime hidden in between the screen and window. This will ensure that the mesh of the screen is not blocked by any dirt and grime from nature.

Clean those curtains

A window cannot be clean if its aesthetic isn’t pristine. That means having a refreshed curtain every now and again. Simply bring the curtains to the dryer, and let them buffer for about twenty minutes.

Use a Squeegee

Have you ever been to the gas station and used that wide brush to clean the windshield of your car? Those are called squeegees and they make great home window cleaners. Paper towels can leave fibrous streaks along the window after a good scrubbing, ruining all of that effort. However, using a squeegee is great for wiping and leaving the clearest, cleanest window.

Newspaper give more than news

One classic tip is to use newspapers to wipe your windows. The newspaper and vinegar go hand in hand to remove any dust particles, dirt, and grime from the window, without giving your window any streaks or scrapes. They’re cheap, and disposable as well!

When You May Need Window Screen Replacement

Here at Daytona Window, we take the utmost pride in our window replacement and installation services. As a family owned business, we understand just what it takes to make a house a home. For us, it starts at the window frame. Visit our website today!

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