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The Best Time of Year to Replace Windows?

Are you in the market for a window replacement? It’s more common than you might think, but the process almost always takes some time, especially for a larger window.

So, that being said, what is the best time of year to do your replacement work? When works best for changing out your windows, and what times of year should you avoid? Let’s take a closer look.

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Installing In Cold Weather

One of the first obstacles you’ll run into when replacing windows in the winter is higher heating costs. There are steps you can take to minimize this issue, one of which is floor-to-ceiling plastic coverings.

Extremely cold weather can cause sealants and foams to become brittle, and may also cause caulking to stick less effectively. Vinyl may contract in cold weather, only returning to its normal form once it gets warmer again. In wet and snowy winters, an expert will want to wait for a dry spell before installing a replacement window. This is because the moisture in the air affects the adhesive’s curing ability properly.

This is a big reason why professional installers are brought in to handle this kind of work, in order to avoid accidental damages. Dealing with the cold can be difficult, so make sure to check with your installer when and how they’ll be handling the replacement, and get ready to protect your home against the cold.

Installing In Warm Weather

Spring is, by and large, considered the best season for any outdoor home improvement work. The hot-but-not-melting weather of late spring, combined with longer days make it an extremely popular time for this kind of work. Schedule changes around this time, and do it as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts.

This obviously eliminates any need for giant plastic sheeting to insulate your home in the cold weather. With natural light flooding your home and a beautiful new window to enjoy the spring scenery through there’s a reason why Spring is considered the best time to do this kind of work.

Learn the best times to replace windows in your home in another great blog post from your leading source of lifestyle news, StarkFeed. Of course, if you don’t make it to replacing your windows in the Spring, the Summer will do just as well. There’s more chance of things like pop up rain storms and caulking not responding well to the extremely hot weather. A professional window installer will bring the right tools and skills to the job to help minimize these issues.

In a similar way to summer replacements, a minor issue associated with this is prolonged periods of time with your window spaces open, which can be uncomfortable. But, a short consultation and an open conversation with your agent can help accommodate you.

Know When To Replace Windows

Ultimately, there are some times that are better to replace windows and some that are worse. What matters more than picking the right time to do it is knowing how to prepare your home for the heat or cold differential and, of course, working with a professional service provider.

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