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Top FAQs About Window Replacement

Are you thinking about replacing your windows, but are too overwhelmed with the amount of things to consider? Daytona Window: your local window installation and replacement service is here to answer some of the most commonly asked window replacement FAQs out there.

What are the top Window Replacement FAQs?

  • How Long do windows last?


  • How much does a window replacement cost?


  • How will I know I need a replacement?

How long do windows last?


The lifespan of a window is dependant on many factors. However, generally speaking, you should get about twenty-five years with your window, if it is kept to standards and if only minimal damage is caused.


However, The lifespan of a window is affected by:


  • Its resilience to the climate


  • The quality of its frame and sealant (in relation to climate)


  • When the window was installed or replaced


  • If it has a screen or not

The climate is one of the most important things to consider when installing or window replacement. This affects the type of sealant and caulk required for the most security and insulation. The climate also affects the type of frame, whether it is wood or aluminum.


Wood, being an organic material is prone to warping and expansion due to changes in heat and moisture. However, aluminum is completely weather resistant and not prone to warping at all.


Proper maintenance of your window is the key to optimizing its longevity. As long as you keep your windows well maintained, you are sure to have an investment that was well worth it.


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How much does a window replacement cost?

Windows can vary in cost depending on a few factors usually in relation to the type of material used. Wood is usually more expensive to install, as well as maintain in the climates where moisture and heat are normally present.


However, when you choose wood, you are choosing an aesthetic approach. The warm colors of wood framed windows provide a nice earthy tone that lines perfectly with most homes.


Generally though, the overall price of window replacements is the same depending on the amount of windows needing to be installed or replaced.


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How can you tell you need a replacement?

Window replacements are not always necessary. Sometimes  window repairs are all you need to fix your window. It’s important to know when it’s time to repair and when it’s time to replace not only to save you money but to ensure the integrity of your home.


You should consider a window replacement after careful inspection your window.


Be sure to look for:


  • Cracks


  • Drafts


  • Increase in energy bill (could possibly be due to drafty window)


  • Fogged glass


  • Frame rotting


When Is It Time To Replace A Window?


If you have energy efficient windows you will not need to spend as much thought on maintaining windows. However the best times to check windows are after severe storms and hurricanes, when the integrity of the window will be tested the most.


This has been the most common window replacement FAQs. For more information, visit Daytona Window today!


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