Bird-Friendly Ideas For Your Windows

Bird-Friendly Ideas To Protect Your Windows


Windows are beautiful and decorative, functional and efficient. They offer a view out to a world we want to be a part of. They also offer us warmth and light. While this all paints a pretty picture, unfortunately, there is a negative, dangerous side to these glass components. Birds, very often, will fly into windows, not knowing they are there. Birds see their reflections, thinking they are other birds, and try to attack, sending them directly into the glass, injuring or killing them. Luckily for you and your local birdlife, there are a few bird-friendly ideas to protect your windows which we will discuss further. It is rare but not uncommon for birds to fly into windows of houses and office spaces but when it happens, it’s a loss for mother nature. If you live in an area where smaller birds, such as cardinals and robins, are prevalent, you may see or hear birds flying into the windows more frequently. They do this even more so during the mating season, since birds are territorial beings and they believe they are driving their competition out. 

Bird-Friendly Ideas: Adjusting Your Windows To Avoid Harm:


  • Apply strips of tape to the outside of the window. Pet stores carry specialty tape for preventing birds from flying into windows. You can also purchase white or black tape from a home goods store for outside use.

    When placing vertical lines on the windows, if using white tape, place four inches apart. If using black, place one inch apart.

  • Place bird decals on the windows. One can find such decals at bird-feeding stores or pet stores. Specifically, look for ones in the ultraviolet spectrum style. These will be transparent to human eyes but easily visible to birds.

    And a little rule of thumb: the more bird decals you have, the better.

  • Apply soap to the outside of the window. This method creates a milky foam, disguising the once clear window. You may have to apply a few times per week. This method is very inexpensive and effective.

  • Apply a film to the outside of your windows. You can purchase window films from home improvement stores. They will be transparent from the inside but opaque on the outside, deterring birds from flying into the glass. This film will appear reflective to the surrounding birds.


We all want to protect our investments and, at the same time, protect mother nature, if we can. We recommend any of the above methods to try to curb any bird accidents from happening. When you need window replacements, consider Daytona Window & Screening for all your window, door and screening needs. Interested in more about protecting birds? Keep a watch for our next blog, “Adapting Your Home For The Birds”.