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Get More From Your New Window With These Tips

There are any number of reasons to replace the windows in your home or office, from breakage to renovations and various cosmetic changes. But, unless you’re actually from the window replacement industry, you’re not going to know as much as a professional about the qualities of a “good” window.

And, if you are from the window replacement industry, it’s a little weird you’re here reading this.

Regardless, today we’re bringing you three of the most important things to look for in your new window installation.


As a species, we’re long past the days of glass windows being boring rectangles we use to let light into our homes and keep out the wind. We’re completely ready for windows that look great at the same time as being functional. Which is why it’s not an embarrassing thing to admit you want your new windows to look great.

Beauty is actually an important consideration for new windows. And we have options to choose from, now. Attractive wooden frames can create a stunning effects while still leaving enough glass to let in plenty of light. Custom cut glass panels in different designs look great while maintaining an ideal air leak rate. From a technical standpoint, a leak rating of about .30 is acceptable. And the best replacement windows can be up to 10 times better.

What we’re saying is that a beautiful window can be every bit as functional as any other window, and you’ve got more than your fair share of choices out there.


The best replacement window is only as good as the craftsmanship used to create it. But how are you meant to tell good craftsmanship from bad when you’re not a window professional? The best place to start is with the little details.

Check out the window screen, for starters. Often, an inexpensive replacement window will display an incorrectly placed window frame. Look for window screens that are straight and fully incorporated within the frame surrounding them.

Glazed beads are another place to look for craftsmanship standards. These are vinyl strips that secure insulated glass within a frame. These rectangular pieces should appear flat, with no visible imperfections or bumps.

Window Installation Warranties

The availability of a warranty and the specifics of that warranty can indicate potential problems way ahead of a purchase. Check for limited warranties, and ask for full details of their timeframes. Ask about restrictions on things like warranty transfers, and remember that if it smells like trouble, you might not like what you’re smelling.

The best replacement windows will feature lifetime warranties and complete transfer options. Hardware is usually one of the first things to take any significant damage when it comes to windows, and you need to know you’re covered, in addition to buying a quality product.

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