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Installing A Replacement Window? What To Expect

Do you need replacement windows? What are the benefits of vinyl windows? Which windows are the most energy-efficient? Watch our video for the top replacement window questions to prepare you for your upcoming window installation project.

Are you replacing the windows in your home? Have you given much thought to which windows you’ll be getting? Or why? 

From energy efficiency to cutting down on work time, there’s a lot to consider. This is why it’s great news you’ve got access to insights from an expert in the field of replacement window installations. So join us, today, as we break down what to expect during a window replacement or installation.

What To Expect

So, provided you’re not a window installation expert already, you’ll probably have a few questions about how the whole process is about to unfold. Every home is different. Maybe you’re replacing the one window in your home that was broken during a rowdy game of backyard baseball. Maybe you’re installing new windows in every room in your house. 

You’re going to want to start with some basic preparation. Make sure you won’t need to do anything in whatever room is being worked on for up to two days. Make sure to ask about what your service provider will need from you. This isn’t a passive process, so you should make sure to involve yourself as much as you feel comfortable with. There’s no better source of information than the people doing the actual work in your home. 

Knowing Your Options

More often than not, there are more options when it comes to your window installations than you might expect. Even if you think the best way forward is to replace your old window with an identical and identically sized window, there may be various opportunities you’d never even expect.

At Daytona Window and Screening, one of our signature services is our custom window building and design. Simply pay us a visit, give us a call, or get in touch via email and there’s all the room in the world to talk out a custom design that fits your needs, improves your home, and looks great!

How Long Will Replacement Window Work Take?

Compared to other home renovation processes, installing a new window actually takes relatively little time to accomplish. Once any custom building work and manufacturing have been completed, the window will be inspected one last time for safety’s sake. The following installation should take somewhere up to five days, depending on how many windows you’re working on.

Looking for expert window repair and installation services? Daytona Window & Screening has been bringing professional installations to homeowners for the past 30 years. Visit us today, and let’s talk about an installation that works for you and your home.