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How A New Window Increases Your Home Value

Anytime you make improvements or modifications to your home, you’re investing in its value. Whether you’re making cosmetic adjustments or practical replacements, it’s crucial to consider your return on investment. Since one of the most common remodeling projects is window replacements, it’s important to invest in quality. 

Replacing windows is among the top home improvement projects that increase home value. But, it can depend on the exact kind of windows you choose. And, with that, it’s important to choose quality windows and take factors into consideration when replacing them.

Consider The Style

The best windows for you will depend on your home, specifically, and its architecture. Other factors like the geographic region and climate should also be considered when choosing new units. Some of the best and most stylish options for increasing home value are casement, double-hung, and picture windows.

Efficiency Is Key

Efficiency is a key consideration to examine when selecting new windows for your home. Factors like R-values, ENERGY STAR ratings, and more are all important in terms of efficiency and increasing value. Windows that have Low-E coatings, argon gas-filled chambers, and multi-pane designs also elevate the value.

New Window Materials Make A Difference 

When selecting a window, you’ll come across a multitude of material options ranging from traditional wood to modern fiberglass. There’s a lot out there to choose from, and all of it has its place depending on what your needs are.

When choosing, consider the initial costs, repairs, and maintenance. When you’ve landed on one that will provide the best function, form, and value, you can proceed with replacements.

Investing in new windows is a big undertaking, especially if you’re looking to sell your home. If you’re preparing to install new windows, contact us at Daytona Window today. With over 40 years in business, we offer various types of windows and will help customize to fit your needs.

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