Custom Windows: Can You Install These In Your Condo?

custom windows
Can you install custom windows in your condo?

A condo might not be a house, but with a little time, effort, and TLC, it can become a home. And, want to know a secret? Windows are a great start. A good looking, well-placed window gives a home character. However, installing new windows or replacing old windows in a condo can be tricky. Here is how you can install or replace custom windows in your condo.

Installing A Custom Window In A Condo: Things To Consider:

  • Your HOA may have rules to abide by in terms of what kind of windows are allowed
  • If your condo is above a certain story, proper licensing must be presented by the window company
  • The HOA may hold itself responsible for the replacement of windows for each unit

When replacing or installing windows in a condo, it is especially important to do your research. Your HOA may have set rules on custom windows. There may be certain dimensions, window styles and shapes that you will have to abide by. In any case, knowing these regulations helps us help you in picking out the perfect custom window for your condo.

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Why Does Height Matter When Replacing A Window?

In tall buildings, the regulations of replacing and installing new windows is much more difficult. In fact, if you live in a condo that is above six stories tall, your options for the right window company are severely decreased. Not only do window companies need to have the proper licensing to be able to work on tall buildings, but only certain types of materials will be allowed as well.

Here Are A Few Things To Consider With Custom Windows In High-Rise Buildings:

  • Fire code requirements will be set differently than in residential areas
  • Aluminum is usually the preferred framing material
  • Be sure to only look at regulations involving high-rise buildings, as residential windows are not under the same code requirements, especially in terms of safety

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