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Why Does Climate affect Window Replacements?

The work that goes into replacing windows is highly dependent on the conditions of the weather. However it takes quality service to really get the job done and secure one of the most necessary investments in your home. But why does weather have such a great effect on windows as they are being installed or replaced?

What is the purpose of a window?

Window designs are meant to be either visual or literal entry points to the outside world. Picture windows are meant to let in natural light as well as an image, an outlet to the world like a painting on a wall. Windows that open are mainly purposed for allowing fresh air to resonate through the house.

However, all windows share one purpose: to keep the house insulated. That is why the installation process is so important. Keeping the house safe from the elements, protected against storms, while still allowing natural light to seep in to give your house its homey feel.

Top FAQs About Window Replacement

Why Does climate affect window replacements?

  • Heat expands and is a poor medium to establish a window frame


  • The cold season is usually dry season


  • The cost to install is usually reduced

Heat Expansion causes problems in window replacements.

If you are in need of a full window replacement, meaning the frame must be replaced as well, you must take extra care with what kind of materials are being used to build the frame. New frames, especially if made from wood, should be made during the cold season, as the heat in Spring and Summer will cause the wood to be warped before installation. On the long-term, maintenance of the window will cost much more because cracks in the frame may start to appear with the changing seasons.

When installing a new window frame in Winter, the chance for cracks to appear in the seasons after are heavily reduced because it can be set in more properly.

When Is It Time To Replace A Window?

Window Replacements in the Winter have a better Structure.

Winter is often times the dry season. The lack of rain coming in makes it the perfect time to replace a window. This is because the sealant and caulk used to hold the frame in place must be installed when conditions are completely dry.

If the sealant is not applied under colder, drier conditions the sealant may not set properly, allowing drafts to form, or in the worst case: mold. That is not to say that all window replacements need to be done in the Winter, but choosing the driest day before or after noon, would do much in securing a good window replacement.

Not to mention, for us Florida folks, when Autumn comes that means it’s just about hurricane season as well. If any repairs or replacements are needed, after the storm is the best time to do it.

How to Prevent Mold on your Window

Costs decrease later in the year.

In the off-season of window installations, around late Summer and early Autumn, there is a lull in the window business. This causes prices to decrease and scheduling hours to increase. You can expect a more affordable, fast experience. Luckily for you, Daytona Window is always ready to deliver you quality service, and amazing window repairs and replacements. Visit our website to get a quote!

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