Windows and Doors Ready for Winter Cold

Get Your Windows And Doors Ready For The Winter Cold

In Florida, we have a huge advantage over most other 49 states, and that is a short winter season. However, although it can get very cold, Floridians deal with more damp cold than some other states do. Regardless, however, this damp cold is quite frequently what seeps into our window cracks and door jams, making us feel the chill.  So, here are a few ideas we have put together of how to get your windows and doors ready for the winter cold. The steps outlined below should be carried out on an annual basis or, if not, bi-annually. These steps may even lower your electric bill, helping to keep your money where it belongs: in your pocket. 

DIY Tips For Keeping The Cold Out

    • Clean the moving parts. Over the course of a year, opening and closing windows can bring salt, sand, and debris into various crevices. Cleaning with a dry brush allows for a tighter seal and enhanced performance.

    • Apply sealer. Check for spots that need caulk or sealant re-applied, paying special attention to areas of constant sun or extreme weather conditions.

    • Install blinds or drapes. To keep a barrier between the outside elements and the inside of your home, blinds, drapes, and heavy fabrics will help to keep the cold out.


  • Change to energy-efficient windows and doors. Contact your local window experts to change out your old, single-paned windows and doors. This will help to reduce your electric bill for years to come.


  • Check for any drafts from leaky, broken windows. When closed, a window’s main purpose is to keep out the elements and weather from the outside. If your windows are failing at this, it may just be time to change them out. Try to keep an ear open for any new noises which may be a sign of a non-working window, as well.

  • Do a smoke test. Simply lighting incense by the windows or doors can quickly tell you which areas may need more attention than others. Make sure to turn off all fans and HVACs when doing this test, as you want no external sources of wind to get the truest results. 


Call On The Window Experts

If you are dealing with higher electric bills, but still cold inside your home, it may just be time to change out your windows and doors for energy-efficient ones. Contact us at Daytona Window & Screening for an assessment of your window and door needs. We want you to keep warm this winter so you’ll be windows and doors ready for whatever this season may bring.