Mold on your window

How to Prevent Mold on your Window

We have all dealt with our fair share of mold in our days. Especially when it comes to windows, mold can be the most detrimental thing to your home. As windows are in most cases entry points for nature, moisture, and the elements. This makes them prime targets for things like mold, especially when wooden frames are involved. Here is how you can prevent mold from growing on your windows.

In order to remain safe from the accumulation of  mold on your window and in your home, window replacement is always the necessary option.

How does mold appear on a window?

Mold normally shows up in two ways:

In between multi-pane windows: Have you ever wondered what those sports were in between the panes of your window? Even after relentless scrubbing and scraping, you just can’t seem to get rid of it. Unfortunately, this is mold that has entered and been able to thrive mainly from a leak in the window that has allowed water and moisture to permeate.

Mold in the frame – In wood frames, mold can accumulate from moisture. This is especially apparent in window frames that do not have proper sealant, which allows moisture to get in. when mold accumulates in the frame, the surrounding wall will suffer from it as well, which could make the cost substantially more.

Top FAQs About Window Replacement

How to Prevent mold on your window

  • Screening


  • Cleaning


  • Inspecting


Screening helps prevent mold on your window in a number of ways. First, it keeps your window safe from nature and the elements. The less access debris and water have of entering your house, the better.

Keeping your windows clean not only help prevent mold, but help you catch it early on as well. If you see a random black spot that looks oddly placed on the frame or in the window, you can react much quicker, risking much less.

This goes hand in hand with cleaning. However, after storms more particularly, check your windows for any kind of damage, holes, and drafts. Catching these issues early on can be the difference between a light repair versus a costly replacement.

Mold is not only dangerous to your home, but to those who live in it as well. If you are suffering from an outbreak of mold in your windows, do not hesitate to give Daytona Window a call or a visit on our website to see how we can help you!


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