replacing your windows

Your Windows: Repairing or Replacing Your Windows

If you’re noticing drafts or damage on your windows, or they just look outdated, you might be wondering what to do. And as you weigh your options, you may be wrestling between repairing your current ones or replacing them altogether. So which option is better?

At first, window repair might seem like a cheaper option, but replacing your windows can actually be the wiser choice. It really all comes down to your specifics and how proactive you can be before things degrade past what they already are. Read on for three reasons replacing your windows is the better option than repairing.

New windows are more efficient and save money

If your current issue with your windows is drafts, only replacing them will boost your efficiency. The investment may seem pricey, but in the long run, it’ll end up saving you money. More efficient windows help trap cool and warm air, meaning your system doesn’t have to run constantly, thus cutting costs.

New windows give your home a fresh look

If your old windows are causing problems, especially if they look outdated, replacing them gives you a clean slate. Brand-new windows can up your home’s curb appeal and even add to your home’s value. And with gorgeous new windows, you’ll be all the more happy being in your home.

Old windows may be negatively affecting your health

If your home’s windows were installed before 1978, there’s a chance they were painted with toxic, lead-filled paint. Lead creates a huge health risk for the elderly, children, and pregnant women. This reason alone is cause enough to seriously consider replacing your windows.

Thinking about getting a fresh start with your windows? If you’re considering installing new windows, contact us at Daytona Window today. With over 40 years in business, we offer various types of windows and will help customize to fit your needs.