Hurricane Sliding Door

Repairing Your Sliding Door After A Severe Storm

Well folks, August is almost over. And that means we are heading right into hurricane season. It’s time to board up, stock up, and coop up, with supplies and everything you might need to stay safe during the season. While preparing for the worst, it might be easy for you to forget about what the aftermath might be for your home, windows especially. Wind Speed and debris are the most common offenders for damaged windows and sliding doors. But how do you repair a sliding door after a storm? 

What Kind of damage appears after a storm?

Storms with high wind speeds are notorious for warping windows, the difference in pressures on the inside and outside of the house will cause the glass of the door to experience a lot of pushing and pulling which may loosen and wear them. Not to mention the debris that may come plummeting towards that one sweet spot thanks to 157 mph winds. Especially in Florida, where hurricanes are common annually, the likelihood of this happening is pretty high. 

Besides the door being completely broken, the damages to your sliding door that may result from a storm will decrease the longevity of it. Drafts can form, or the door will not be able to function properly, and you may wonder why your electric bill is much higher than before. You might wonder why it is hotter than normal in your living room. 

How to help the repair process.

Take pictures of your home before and after. You can assess what damages the sliding door took during the storm. Repairing or even replacing your sliding door may be the necessary course of action. However, one of the most valid forms of assurance is calling a great window repair and screening specialist. Daytona Window is your friend in times of great stress. We understand the hardships that come with damages to your home and are thereby dedicated to helping however, whenever we can. Give us a call or visit our website for a free estimate on your window replacement or repair needs.