Condo Window Replacement

Foggy glass, rotting wood, shrinking caulk, or leaking windows are all signs that your windows likely need replacing. When you own a condo and belong to a Homeowner Association (HOA) what options do you have for replacing the windows in your unit? Do you need pre-approvals from your HOA?

Condo Window Replacement

Most HOA CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) assign windows as the homeowner’s responsibility. The exception is when leaking windows become a structural concern. Then the association typically assumes the project of replacing the windows in the entire building.

In most instances, homeowners can replace their failing windows by simply following their HOA’s replacement guidelines and working with a window company that offers approved replacement windows and quality installation. Improvements made to multi-family dwellings or developments most importantly must be done in conformity with the existing windows anything else would disrupt the integrity of the residential complex.

Who Do You Turn To?

It’s important for the homeowner to follow the HOA’s guidelines and a qualified window supplier can guide you through the process. Pay attention to the key elements below.

  • Homeowners should do their due diligence and check with their association and obtain approvals before signing a contract for new windows.
  • Connect window installers with the HOA board members to confirm that the replacement windows are in compliance with their specifications.
  • Once the specifications are identified there are usually a wide variety of window styles and color options to match the existing windows, which offer more durability and efficiency than the existing older windows.
  • Choose an installer with experience installing condominium replacement windows. You want a company equipped to handle the oftentimes unique access challenges posed by multi-unit dwellings in order to minimize the disruption to your neighbors and get in and out of your project quickly and competently.

Entire Building Window Replacement

Many HOAs of aging condominium and townhomes in the Chicago area and suburbs are reviewing the condition of their infrastructure and may determine that in order to improve building energy efficiency, address water problems or modernize the façade, they will often initiate a building-wide window replacement project. In those instances, the association will take responsibility for managing the project, while homeowners still pay for their individual unit improvements.

Whether you will be replacing the windows for only your condo or you belong to an association with a major window replacement project, with the right window partner. the process will be smooth.

It takes more than a licensed window contractor to perform condo window replacement projects. It takes a proven qualified company, like Daytona Window & Screening.