When Is It Time To Replace A Window?

replace a window
Learn when it’s time to replace a window with Daytona Window & Screening.

Replacing a window is not something we think about very often. Usually, we assume they should be replaced when they are broken, using other DIY methods to fix minor issues “in the meantime”. In reality, though, when it comes to replacing windows, there are a few things to consider. A window replacement is an investment, and it is wise to know how long that investment will last before it is time for the next replacement.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Window?

Statistically, homeowners tend to make decisions about window replacements without knowing their full range of options. These options can greatly affect how often a window replacement should be conducted and how much work will have to be done:

    • Experts say that 15- 20 years is how long a homeowner should go before replacing a quality window. Companies typically give out 20-to-25 year warranties which should be the lifetime of the window
    • After about 15 years, you should see some wear, but this can usually be fixed without replacing the whole window.
    • There are many different signs that can tell you when replacement is necessary:
      • Cracked Windows – Some damage can be repaired, but if the glass is warped or cracked, immediate action should be taken in replacing the window.
      • Fogged Glass – This occurs with multi-paned windows, which is usually a sign of leaking gas within the window or water being trapped between the panes.
  • Noticeable Drafts – If caulking and weatherstripping do not work, replacement is the next option to ensure cold drafts are not getting into your house.
  • Higher Electric Bills – Almost half of an average home’s energy bill is spent on AC and heating. If you experience high energy bills, it might actually be because of the windows.
  • Getting Stuck – This is one sign of aging for the window. If the window cannot open or close properly, it’s time for a window replacement.

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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Replace A Window?

Climate and weather are different wherever you are. But there is an ideal time to replace a window if immediate action is not required. The ideal time to replace a window is in the warm seasons of Spring and Summer. This isn’t just to keep rain and cold out of the house, however…

You should replace your window in the Summer because:

  • Installation is less likely to be hindered by weather.
  • The process of applying caulk in cold weather reduces its ability to properly adhere to surfaces.
  • Some materials contract or expand depending on the weather. If the window is applied in the cold, the window will expand in the warmer seasons causing cracks.
  • Installments in midday are known to produce better long-term results.

Can You Install Windows In The Winter?

Of course! Windows can be installed at any time. There are, of course, optimal times to install new windows that will reduce the long-term side-effects of cold weather. Here are some things to consider when installing windows in the winter:

  • Use silicone caulk, which can withstand the cold temperatures and reduce the risks associated with heat expansion in the Summer.
  • Use sealant with high joint mobility.
  • Make sure it is done on a dry day, as some sealants need 24 hours before being able to make contact with moisture of any sort.
  • Window installations tend to be much cheaper in the fall months. due to less demand for windows in that season.

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