Bird Safety

Altering Your Home: Literally For The Birds

As discussed in our previous blog, Bird-Friendly Ideas to Protect Your Windows, there are more than a few ways to assist in preventing bird injuries or casualties. Just by taking a few extra steps to ensure their safety, you can make all the difference to our little winged friends. In today’s follow-up blog, we will offer a few additional options to assist in altering your home for the birds, beyond the perimeters of your windows.

Simple Ways to Alter Your Home For The Birds


  • Move Indoor Plants Away From the Windows.If birds can see them, those same birds may think the plant could be their next perch. It is suggested to move plants at least three feet away from windows to keep them out of sight.
  • Keep Window Treatments Closed as Much as Possible.If you have blinds, curtains, drapes or any other kind of window treatment, keep them closed as much as possible in order to thwart bird impact. Rule of thumb: if you have vertical blinds, it is suggested to keep them no more than halfway open throughout the day.


  • Keep Lights Off When Not in Use.Sometimes lights attract certain birds. To avoid this, turn off all lights when not in the room. This will also help your electric bill, too, which is an added bonus.


  • Buy Bird Baths and Feeders.

    The placement of these truly matter when it comes to birds hitting windows. The closer they are placed to your windows, the better. It doesn’t quite make sense but understand that they will be flying at a slower speed near the windows to get to the feeder, thus deflecting a direct window impact. 



  • Invest in Wind Chimes.The louder and shinier they are, the better they are for the birds. Place them outside, above your windows, and get as many as you want. The noise and the shine will deter birds from your window area.


  • Suspend Free Tree Branches. This may sound odd, but it does work and you can easily find free branches in your yard. Tie a string to them and dangle them a few inches away from your windows. This helps to maintain a natural look and costs nothing to make. 


Safer Home for Bird Survival

So, there you go. A few brief, simple steps you can take to help the local bird population continues to grow. In the unfortunate event that you do incur a cracked window, contact Daytona Window & Screening for all your window needs.

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